The New Era Magazine – Issue 2

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The New Era Magazine Issue 2 is here. The New Era Magazine is a beautifully crafted print publication and online platform focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft.

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The New Era Magazine Issue 2 is available on In our second issue we visit the couple behind acclaimed interior architecture firm Halleroed at their forest hideaway, and we visit a 17th-century home and garden where time has stood still. Celebrated fashion designer Diana Orving creates a textile art installation in an empty museum exclusively for us, and we spend some time in the beautiful, sparse home of glass maestro Ingegerd Råman. “We are not easily tempted to buy things,” she says about her and her husband’s decision to live with the bare minimum of objects. “I will defend the empty space.” Elsewhere in the issue, we discuss the profound effects of the built environment on our wellbeing. “I want to be part of a cultural movement that recalibrate what matters in society, and in life,” says Danish chef Fredrik Bille Brahe in Hugo Macdonald’s article on reconnecting with our roots. “I think courage to be local is important.”

The New Era Magazine is a beautifully crafted print publication and online platform focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft. We believe inspiration is a real game changer and focus on spaces and stories that have the power to touch us. We visit exceptional homes and people, and spend time with individuals who want to make a difference. We meet architects, interior designers, urban farmers, artists and design producers that contribute to our visual and material culture. We cherish substance, elegance, wellbeing for people and planet – and quality that lasts. With our base and area of expertise firmly in Scandinavia we reach out to a dedicated Scandinavian and international audience. Our followers meet us daily online, quarterly in print and regularly in our growing network. They chose us because of our curated offer, well written texts and exceptional photography. Let’s embrace a new era together.


Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft

Home and studio visits, interviews and features on everything associated to living well.

Details: The New Era Magazine – Issue 2

216 pages, 224 x 297 mm

Published by The New Era Magazine
Manufactured in Sweden
Available in English
Reading situation Coffee Shop · Home
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