The Spot that Spat

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The Spot that Spat by Tom Reed is available now on Mummy spot dreams her son spot will grow big enough to be a musical note when he is older. But son spot is not eating his food and not growing.


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Imelda the Millipede by Tom Reed –
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Silly Sally by Tom Reed –
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Muddy Molly by Tom Reed –
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Spockley Spider by Tom Reed –
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The Spot that Spat by Tom Reed is available now on Mummy spot dreams her son spot will grow big enough to be a musical note when he is older. But son spot is not eating his food and not growing. Will he go the way of Uncle Bob and end up being a full stop? Or manage to win the talent spotting competition and become a musical note? It depends whether he eats his broccoli…and grapes…and cheese… Discover The Spot that Spat by Tom Reed.

Tom Reed is an English artist living in Zurich (Switzerland). He began producing children’s books twelve years ago. His first book, ‘Freddy the Fly – Plan Bee’, began as a story about a friendly fly to solve his two year old son’s fear of flies. It did so. Having enjoyed the experience, Tom found he had other ideas and new stories have appeared regularly since. ‘Whilst they are children’s books, I hope they will be enjoyed by adults too,’ says Tom. ‘I try to make illustrated stories with a point to them. They are quite philosphical. They work as adventures children can enjoy, but adults may understand other things in them. Huck and Nell for instance, that came out last year, is about the habit of thinking the grass is always greener and that we often don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone. But a reader may just enjoy the adventure of two dogs that fall down the crack in the book… If I’m going to sit down and spend several months making a book, I need to enjoy it and have a laugh myself. So I guess I am trying to amuse myself, children and their parents (who might have to end up reading them aloud). I like the medium of children’s picture books. They generally rely on just one good idea. They are short but there is plenty of scope for dealing with quite complex and philosophical subject matter. It’s restrictions – no overt violence, universal themes etc. – help to that end.’

Details: The Spot that Spat

Softback, 21 x 21 cm

Published by Tom Reed
Manufactured in Switzerland · United Kingdom
Available in English
Article No. bftomreed-spot-spat
Weight 300 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1 cm

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