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Aortica – Issue 2

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AORTICA, a road trip tucked into a magazine, is devoted to portraits and wanderlust, asking questions till the cows come home. Each issue zooms in on a single destination, focusing on its »Schöpfungskraft« ‹ German for creative power.

Sneak an intimate peek into the musings and everyday lives of hard-working squirrels ‹ an endearing term for hand-selected creators ‹ as they answer a quirky questionnaire à la Proust. Meander through their portfolios and amble around the private spaces where these squirrels¹ ideas sprout. Feel local upon arrival and get to know the residents¹ beloved haunts.

In issue N°02, THE BORSELLINOS ‹ guided by their motto »meet the residents« ‹ journey to Auckland for an up-close-and-personal snapshot of 11 movers and shakers. With the city in their rear-view mirror, they hit the road and continue exploring New Zealand. Their stories, along with the contributions of both old hands and young guns from all over the world, stimulate brainwaves and travel urges.

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