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Neptún Magazine – Issue 1


The premier issue of Neptún Magazine is available now. Neptún is a new Iceland-based journal whose content is primarily concerned with design, architecture and the visual arts. It is published in print. The Icelandic arts scene will be the journal’s main focus, but artists from anywhere in the world can and will feature in its pages on a regular basis. The journal’s editorial objectives are to investigate and promote a broad spectrum of creative work, and in the process exhibit the latest visual trends and fashions in the visual arts.

Neptún Magazine will also fill a vital and unprecedented role in the Icelandic print scene: that of a canvas and platform for creative young people in Iceland. Neptún is the brainchild of precisely such individuals; they are all recent graduates of art schools, with degrees in product design, architecture and the visual arts.

The journal is fully bilingual, with all text in both English and Icelandic, and intended for artistically-oriented people aged 20-40, professionals and amateurs alike.

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