FatBoy Zine

FatBoy Zine is a greedy attempt to document a very small part of asian food. Good food is the result of culture, family and struggle. The biggest misconception i find, is someone like me is considered to make “fusion” food. This devalues the idea people can represent multiple points of view when it comes to how they experienced culture growing up. FatBoy Zine is a diary and cook book. Mapping recipes i recorded from my time in China and the Philippines, before bringing them to England. The recipes in this book are what i learned from my family growing up. Showing just how naturally food crosses all distances. The vibrancy of colours, textures, flavours agianst the inexplicable calm of asian cooking is something i’ve spent a long time trying to learn. It’s like everything was made with you in mind, while simultaneously not giving a shit about what you’re comfortable with.

FatBoy Zine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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