Odiseo Magazine

Odiseo Magazine is an independent publication for adult entertainment appealing to the confident and intelligent man of today. It includes a selection of photographic stories with an erotic point of view, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas by contemporary thinkers, paired with the most cutting edge ideas in an exquisite uncoated smooth paper. Odiseo Magazine is published twice a year by The Flames, an independent publishing venture by Folch Studio (Barcelona, Spain). Odiseo seeks a deliberately visual, unique and authorial vision of erotism. diseo shouts out the unseen: it is contradictory, mysterious, intellectual and intuitive. Odiseo illustrates our mission: the exploration of new ways of doing and seeing, offering a different vision on erotism, going beyond gender, seeking seduction through bodies and abstraction.

Odiseo Magazine


  • Country: Spain
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year

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