Period Zine

Period Zine is a limited edition magazine from Sweden. It was founded by Lena Modigh that unapologetically focuses on the contemporary female narrative by female-only contributors. Period is an independent magazine, without any advertising, not about periods, but about intriguing and interesting themes. For each issue, photographers, illustrators and writers, interpret the themes freely. Like the previous issues all the contributors are female, but anyone can relate. It’s not just for women, but by women. “When thinking of space it’s easy to imagine wide open space: empty, minimal and peaceful spaces,” Stockholm-based photographer and Period. founder Lena Modigh explains. “But there’s also personal space, crowded space, gendered space, virtual.” The zine covers the gamut. There’s a profile on 1940s graffiti pioneer Martha Cooper dousing public space in spray paint, an American criminologist’s account of starting a commune in east London and an essay on isolation by writer Yasmine Ganley. There’s collages of cloudscapes and close ups of crotches.” – Georgie Wright i-D online.

Period Zine


  • Country: Sweden
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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