The Weekender Books

The Weekender books are an eclectic mix of interesting streets, delicious food joints, eye catching landmarks and fantastic destination spots each city has to offer. The Weekender books are a weekend venture, in this age of travel, can be one of our greatest commodities. To explore and personally experience new and previously unseen cities and landscapes of this world is becoming all the more possible – particularly as we learn how to make the most of our precious (but limited) time at the weekend… Photographer Toby Mitchell, through a series carefully curated images, will take the reader on a visual weekend journey of Portland. The Weekender books are available from Bath, Malmö, Copenhagen and Portland. Toby Mitchell and Matt Porter, the men behind this project, are freelance photographers based in the UK. Their stylistic portfolios of work blends natural colours and uncluttered compositions to define the photography around lifestyle and travel, cityscapes and landscapes through to still life and strong editorial work. Matt Porter is a Yorkshireman living in London. Matt can often be found exploring his city (and beyond). He takes inspiration from different environments to develop his writing and creative work.

The Weekender Books


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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