Anxy Magazine – Issue 2

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Anxy Magazine Issue 2 (the Workaholism Issue) is out now. The second issue of Anxy explores the balance between working hard and working compulsively. Our signature mix of personal stories, photo essays, and reporting features Neal Brennan, Talia Herman, Malissa Clark, Amanda Rosenberg, and many more.

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Anxy Magazine Issue 2 (the Workaholism Issue) is available now on The second issue of Anxy explores the balance between working hard and working compulsively. Our signature mix of personal stories, photo essays, and reporting features Neal Brennan, Talia Herman, Malissa Clark, Amanda Rosenberg, Preston Gannaway, Kenneth R. Rosen, Kübra Gümüşay, and more. Work isn’t just what we do—it’s who we are. But when does hard work stray into something addictive, controlling, and dangerous? We decided to investigate the realities of work in an issue filled with personal experiences, brave interviews, striking photography, and creative work.

Anxy Magazine features one-on-one conversations with creative people about mental health. Maybe it begins as a nagging irritation and develops into a Hulk-like rage; or perhaps it just eats away at you slowly. We wanted to bring the ever-present, shape-shifting nature of anger to the pages of Anxy. And so this issue is packed with personal stories, candid interviews, stunning photography, poems, and more.

Table of Contents

It Never Stops
Words by Matthew Wyne / Illustration by Richard A. Chance

Too Much Is Never Enough
Words by Darlena Cunha / Artwork by Livia Foldes

The Manic Mirage
Words by Amanda Rosenberg / Illustration by Jeong Hwa Min

My Son, My Savior
Words by Kübra Gümüşay / Illustration by Billy Clark

Every Day Was Striking
Words by Kenneth R. Rosen / Illustration by Max Löffler

What It Really Takes to Be an Activist
Conversation between Erica Baker, Danny O’Brien, Thenmohzi Soundararajan, and Chase Strangio / Illustration by Isabel Castillo Guijarro

Not Safe for Work
Words by Jesse Hicks / Illustration by George Wylesol

Your Body on Work
Words by Anxy staff / Illustration by Petra Eriksson

The Psychology of Workaholism
Words by Malissa Clark / Illustration by Ori Toor

Fresh Pain, Old Wounds
Words by Laura Reagan / Illustration by Hisashi Ohkawa

But Somebody’s Got to Do It
Words by Abby Seiff and Pragati Shahi / Illustration by Petra Eriksson

Workers of the World
Compiled by Hilda Hoy / Illustrations by Livia Foldes

Neal Brennan Can Finally Tell His Inner Voice to “Shut the Fuck Up”
Words by Zoneil Maharaj / Photographs by An Rong Xu

Man & The Machine
As told to Lauren Smiley / Photographs by Preston Gannaway

No Sleep ‘Til the Rent’s Paid
Words by Zoneil Maharaj / Photographs by Krystal Ramirez

Taking Care
Words and Photographs by Talia Herman

High Pressure
Words by Katie MacBride and San Francisco Bay Area teens / Artwork by Jao San Pedro

Home Comfort
Words and Photographs by Jana Ašenbrennerová

Poem by Musa Okwonga

Working Holiday
Words by Sebastian Pranz / Translation by Ben Knight

Tales From the Night Shift
Words by Anxy readers / Comic by Chau Luong

How Do You Know You’re Overworking?
Words by Sarah Hutto

The Survival Kit
Words by Malissa Clark

Shelf Life
Anxy contributors recommend their favorite books

Details: Anxy Magazine – Issue 2

188 pages of captivating, meticulously-crafted storytelling that will change your perspective.

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