Cercle Magazine No. 4 – Costumes

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Cercle Magazine No. 4 (Costumes) is available on loremnotipsum.com. Issue 4 features interviews with Hugo Jacomet, Odile Roynette, Charles Fréger, Delphine Pinasa, Camille Assaf, Tanja Schulz-Hess.

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Cercle Magazine No. 4 (Costumes) is available on loremnotipsum.com.

Cercle magazine is an independent and thematic publication published once a year. Every year, a new issue. Each issue, a new topic. Cercle tries to gather information around one main topic and to propose a support that values ​​contemporary artistic creation, culture and science. At the core of the project was the observation that social networks were an important part of our lives and that digital development allowed a free and fast exchange of information and images. We therefore wanted to take advantage of these circulatory images and information and aggregate them according to a simple process: restricted selection, printing and publish. Cercle Magazine focuses on the idea of ​​mustering professional, literary, visual, scientific and artistic aspects of one theme per issue, and to propose an inquisitive, playful but also a demanding and inspiring magazine. So far, Cercle Magazine has received support from Fondation Aquatic Show, Syndicat Potentiel, Arte, ESAD Valenciennes, ESAM Caen, HEAR Strasbourg, LISAA Strasbourg, SAFI Maison & Objets, Intuit Lab Paris School, Centre National du Livre, Direction Régionale des affaires Culturelles, Région Grand Est and from Strasbourg Eurométropole.


Hugo Jacomet, Odile Roynette, Charles Fréger, Delphine Pinasa, Camille Assaf, Tanja Schulz-Hess.


Marie Rime, Stacey Rozich, Nick Cave, Jack Hughes, Guda Koster, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Studio Bertjan Pot, Ryoji Nakajima, Christian Tagliavini


Mannequin par Thomas Bouville


Sophie Suma, Fabien Texier, Emilie Fernandez, Alexandre Rochon, Pierre-Mathieu Dégruel, Hélène Dupont, Thomas Lacroix, Marion Cole.


Verene de Hutten, Cercle Studio


Maïmouna Guerresi, Matisse, Perrine Lotiron, Riccardo Novaro, Sacha Walckhoff, Hans Eijkelboom, Clara Denidet, Do Ho Suh, Léon Bakst, Ninjinski, Bernat Armangué, Sylvie de Wèze, Maurice Sand, Musidora, Marine Domerge, Stéphanie Marin, Issey Miyake, Artemide, Campanas brothers, Hella Jongerius, Tejo Remy, Véronique Maire, Patrick de Glo de Besses, Kawamura-Ganjavian, Studio Banana, Vera de Pont, Jacquemus, Saina Koohnavard, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Saint Laurent, Sadie Clayton, Alexandra Nam, Akino Kurosawa, Comme des Garçons, Piet Hein Eek, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Manuelle Gautrand, Sou Fujimoto, Gianpaolo Pagni, Chloé Poizat, Alon, Studio exquisite, Hussein Chalayan, Do Ho Suh…

Details: Cercle Magazine No. 4 – Costumes

French version (interview translated in english). Format 20 × 26,5 cm and 140 pages.

Published by Cercle Magazine
Manufactured in France
Available in French
Reading situation Coffee Shop · Home · Travelling
Article No. bfcercle0004
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Dimensions 28 × 21 × 2 cm

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