Creative Future – Issue 4

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Creative Future Magazine Issue 4 is out now. After eight months of hard work and lots of great and creative experiences, the fourth issue of The Creative Future Project has finally come together.

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Creative Future Magazine Issue 4 is out now. Since June last year we have been busy creating what we believe is our most profound issue yet, and we are confident enough to say that this issue meets all of our creative principles and conceptual visions. With a willingness to learn we have not only attempted to engage within the multidisciplinary parameters and practices of art and design, but also tried to develop our creative and artistic abilities to express and visualize the creative knowledge, ideas and visions of some of todays most inspiring and versatile artists. Striving to embrace the artistic process, approaches and idea development behind this issues unique lineup of creative individuals, we have once again created not only a curation of creative ideas, but also a limited piece of art that comprises an extensive array of artistic areas within the broader field of art and design.

With quality, craftsmanship and artistry in mind, Creative Future Issue #04 seeks to inspire, educate and lift the creative spirits within. Following the artistic philosophy and foundational ideas behind the project, this issue seeks bypass the traditional publishing channels, giving the artists free editorial say, 100% creative control and a platform to express, discuss and share intimate creative ideas. Looking to feed your curiosity and embrace the creation of art from a different, independent and versatile standpoint, Creative Future Issue #04 is truly a historic release. Limited to just 300 copies worldwide, each issue comes hand packaged, signed and numbered by the project founder and creative director, Christian Andersen.

The lineup

Striving to reach beyond the normal interview and magazine feature, we have first and foremost had the great honor and chance to sit down, speak and collaborate with the two cover artists and main-features of this issue; Los Angeles-based artist and designer, Steven Harrington, and entrepreneur, influencer and innovator, Jeff Staple. Discussing essential ideas and phenomenon’s within todays creative industries, we talk to both Steven Harrington and Jeff Staple about the artistic processes behind their unique body of work,the concept of limited availability, what kind of mentality it takes to become an entrepreneur and lastly how you obtain your highest level of productivity when working in a creative field. Furthermore we have also had the honor of speaking and sharing creative ideas with the Gent-based design studio and art publisher, Case Studyo and Toykyo, internationally acclaimed street and graffiti artist, Above, New York-based skateboarding photographer, Jeb Allred, and lastly sculptor and artist, Luis Gispert.

Art zine – New York Skateboarding by Jeb Allred:

Aimed at documenting and placing a needed spotlight on the culture of skateboarding in New York City, we’ve put together an exclusive photo essay in collaboration with New York-based photographer Jeb Allred, highlighting the art of skateboarding in New York City. Striving to visualize the atmosphere and ambiance of this unique subculture, this zine contains nine carefully selected photographs by Jeb Allred, all shot on 50mm black and white film. The zine is numbered from 1 to 300, and will be attached exclusively with each copy of Creative Future Issue #04.


  • Jeff Staple
  • Steven Harrington
  • Case Studyo/Toykyo
  • Luis Gispert
  • Jeb Allred
  • Above


Closed edition, limited to 300 copies worldwide

Manufactured in Denmark
Available in English
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