Frankie Magazine – Issue 54

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Sheesh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not to worry – the new issue of frankie is on newsstands today and just between us it’s a bit of a winner.

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Putting it together, we learnt all about DIY space exploration, passive-aggressive roadside veggie stalls, building a weaving loom and what it takes to rebrand Rwanda. (Answer to that last one: one guy from Missouri, a viral video and a lot of coffee beans.). We meditated on how much time politicians spend worrying about their knickers, what makes creative types tick and why the concept of craft on wheels is such an excellent one. We’ve added tonnes of stuff to our to-do list, including talking about bums at the dinner table, sniffing chocolate, eating weeds and watching Kathleen Turner murder people for fun. We also now know the joy of pumping iron, the perks of being pessimistic and the true meaning of ‘dudine’. All this enlightenment can be yours too if you pick up a copy today. The road to nirvana is paved with oddly inspiring photo essays and a medium amount of swearing.

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