Frankie Magazine – Issue 55

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Hello frankie nation! Issue 55 is on sale and there are many wondrous things inside its covers. A jaunty salute to Dr Who through the decades. A non-creepy look at the secret world of ventriloquists. A chat with three queer lady couples about romance and marriage equality.

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A yummo recipe for Filipino banana spring rolls. A slightly psychedelic look at Cuban propaganda posters. A decent argument for the Beastie Boys being spiritual gurus. An ode to not loving the beach so much. And some hot tips on how to yodel and win at rock-paper-scissors (but not necessarily at the same time). Of course we have our usual shedload of lovely photography, pretty art-crafty stuff, music, travel and mildly hilarious opinion pieces. Oh, and a quick chat with spooky kids’ author RL Stine about how to terrify children. Because it turns out we’re actually quite nostalgic about things that go bump in the night.

Published by Frankie Magazine
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