Les Others Magazine – Volume 7

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Les Others Magazine Volume 7 (The Space and Time Issue) is available now. In the 208 pages of this seventh volume we will be questioning the notions of space and time, of near and far and will be exploring the most emblematic medium we dispose of to measure the relation between those: geographical maps.

Bilingual magazine (French and English)

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Les Others Magazine Volume 7 (The Space and Time Issue) is out now. From the great explorers of the past to the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow, through all these strong and independently-minded people who refused the statu quo to pursue their inner dreams and give their life a meaning. As well as being a bold manifesto dealing with innovation and being in motion, this book is a 208-pages journey ready to bring the reader to the most extreme areas of the planet, where no doubt neither compromise is allowed.

What is proximity and what is distance? Does the hike arising from the back of my garden worth less than the one located 2,000 miles away? How to deal with notions such as travel and exploration in a world where everything is at hand?

From Greenland to Antarctica through the desert plains of Mongolia, we will travel the world in search of answers to these questions and will address topics as diverse as the decline of distances in our technological era, the pleasure of slow travel or the graphic principles of designing a map.

Through that volume you will: Meet the author and traveler Sylvain Tesson / Be alone in Antarctica / Travel along the pan-american highway / Run through the mountains of Corsica.

Les Others Magazine is a Travel notebook and featuring photo series, essays and interviews. It is a bilingual (french and english) and biannual publication from Paris (France) for outdoor lovers with inspiring stories told by passionate adventurers, including travel diaries, interviews and beautiful photography. Les Others Magazine is a travel notebook with photo series, essays, interviews and illustrated recipes. These inspiring stories take you every morning for a walk on the most beautiful glaciers in Nepal, a lovely hit-the-road in Scandinavia or a delicious gyosas preparation in a Japanese kitchen. And because, sometimes, turning off our computer and leafing through a beautiful book to start a new trip is all we need, we decided in 2015 to turn paper.


Bilingual magazine (French and English) / 208 pages / Printed in France Offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper

Published by Les Others Magazine
Manufactured in France
Available in English · French
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Dimensions 28 × 21 × 2 cm

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