LogoArchive #7

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LogoArchive #7 is available on loremnotipsum.com and dedicated to textiles, features a Silkweave emboss, and a gatefold cover to complement the opening text “Why We Look Back”.

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LogoArchive #7 (Textiles) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. LogoArchive Issue 7 features logos from the textiles industry, texts by Jack Self, Editor-in-chief of Real Review, Richard Baird editor of BP&O and as Midge Press editor Maria Elges. Design elements change between each issue depending on the theme. This issue, dedicated to textiles, features a Silkweave emboss, and a gatefold cover to complement the opening text “Why We Look Back”.

LogoArchive reimagines the logo book as an ongoing series of beautifully crafted zines. They are marked by a unique materiality of black paper, white ink and black staples. Each issue presents logos from a different theme or industry and covers the period 1920 to 1990. It is a source of logo design inspiration and a place to read short texts on design. LogoArchive is marked by its conceptual and philosophical foundations but also its graphic immediacy, an interplay between the visual language of archival and children’s storybooks, as well as its materiality and production. These reflect the pragmatism of documentation and the metaphorical play present in some of the logos, and LogoArchive’s digital origins as an Instagram account and its new material manifestation. LogoArchive is founded on an enthusiasm for a well-crafted logo; a convivial metaphor, a communicative immediacy and smart use of form language. However, in print, it was never conceived as a document with a singular intention; the simple documentation of logos, rather a delivery mode in which to build a story and share thoughts. A conversation on Twitter; digital dialogue lost in the passage of time but forever coded into the electronic aether, is materialised as ink on paper and written into the story and ongoing development of the zine. This sits alongside an anthropological text; a musing on the distinctive qualities of the human eye.


LogoArchive continues to reconfigure itself with each new issue with the intention of surprising and delighting. Issue 7 celebrates the symbols of the textiles industry and is marked by its own unique materiality with a gate-folded cover and a silk weave surface emboss that evokes the surfaces of textiles.

This latest issue explores the potential of the self-published zine to expand, to be a format to share the ideas of those who inspired it. One such individual is architect and writer Jack Self, founder of REAL foundation and the Editor-In-Chief of Real Review.

In this issue Jack looks back, casting a critical eye over the modernist project and then making a proposal for the future. Looking back to look forward is the foundation of the LogoArchive project. This is explored and expressed materially in Issue 7 using a gate-folded cover and in the numbering of the pages. Readers have to flick back to move forward through the zine.

This issue features a selection of 24 logos designed for textile-related businesses and covers the logo story of the Woolmark symbol, designed by Franco Grignani in 1963 as part of a competition by the IWS.

Details: LogoArchive #7

Design: Richard Baird / LogoArchive
Publisher: BP&O
Size: 148 x 210 mm
Pages: 14
Binding: Stapled booklet

Published by LogoArchive
Manufactured in United Kingdom
Available in English
Article No. bflogoarchive0007
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 1 cm

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