Nomad Magazine – Issue 6

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Nomad Magazine Issue 6 is out now. The sixth issue of nomad focuses on the topic of coexistence. When different beings, concepts or entities live side by side, many an existence may be enabled to survive – or even thrive –by this closeness.

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Nomad Magazine Issue 6 (Coexistence) is available now on The sixth issue of nomad focuses on the topic of coexistence. When different beings, concepts or entities live side by side, many an existence may be enabled to survive – or even thrive –by this closeness. When this sensitive network of intertwining lives is applied to a global society engaged in a constant process of reinvention, the question arises of how to develop the coexistence of technology and humanity in the future. Japanese designer Oki Sato concentrates on special moments in everyday life by converting them into readily comprehensible simplicity. Internationally acclaimed design critic Alice Rawsthorn introduces today’s design world to a far-sighted perspective for its future – dating from 1945. New York author Douglas Rushkoff warns of surveillance capitalism and calls for greater humanism in our dealings with social media. Designer Pierre Charpin creates minimalism imbued with poetry and establishes new interrelations between objects.

Nomad is a magazine for design and society. It views design as a process of shaping the future and as a catalyst for social developments and individual lifestyles. Nomad magazine seeks to change the perspective of design from its status as something extraordinary to a more run-of-the-mill concept, as this gives rise to natural appreciation. Alongside a focus on the end result of the design process and the designers themselves, other aspects are explored through which the effects and future potential of design culture for individuals and society as a whole are investigated within the framework of a broader understanding of design. In this way, Nomad seeks to take new stances. Nomad offers views on a wide range of standpoints: personal and economic, cultural and global. This means that Nomad covers a wide range of subjects, in which design, social and lifestyle issues are inspirationally juxtaposed with questions on designing the future. Nomad is a magazine for new design culture, business affairs and contemporary lifestyle.

Features: Nomad Magazine – Issue 6

Tomás Saraceno
On The Calm At The Heart Of Motion
Cécile B. Evans
Cécile’s World
Edward Burtynsky
The Anthropocene Project
Carlo Ratti
The “Living Nature” Pavilion, Milan
Hervé This
Food Fracking
Piero Lissoni
The Intellectual Cornerstone Of Curiosity
Jianjun Xie
Dongdao Creative Branding Group, Peking
Dan Chen
Self-Help Machines
Junya Ishigami
Overturning Interior And Exterior Space
Dirk Vander Kooij
The Uber-Materialist
Hongkong Hikes


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