Offscreen Magazine – Issue 9

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In Offscreen Issue No. 9 designer Cameron Moll shows us how to be a successful home-office entrepreneur and dad of five; engineer Ruchi Sanghvi takes us back to her early, career-defining days at Facebook.

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Drew Downs tells us how he built a sustainable printing business powered by independent artists from around the world; open-source heavyweight Adrian Holovaty demonstrates his multi-talent as journalist, developer, and musician; doctor in physics, Roan Lavery makes a case for a more enjoyable way to manage our finances; and Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison explains why he has decided to build the payments infrastructure of the future.


  • Cameron Moll. Designer/Founder of Authentic Jobs — on his failed attempt at a music career, the online business that grew out of a sidebar, and his love for letterpressed typography.
  • Ruchi Sanghvi. Developer/Investor — on growing up in India, experimental engineering for hundreds of millions of users, and her changing definition of success.
  • Drew Downs. Co-Founder of Nuvango — on a career-defining road trip, hitching his wagon to Apple, and rebranding his ‘baby’ after eight successful years in business.
  • Adrian Holovaty. Developer/Co-Founder of Soundslice — on the rise of database journalism, gypsy-jazz jamming, and his bullshit-free approach to life and business.
  • Roan Lavery. Designer/Co-Founder of FreeAgent — on subconscious culture building, the commonalities of physics and design, and overcoming ‘taxing’ challenges.
  • Patrick Collison. Developer/Co-Founder of Stripe — on moving from rural seclusion to startup central, and dropping out of college to build the payment infrastructure of the future.


  • Feature — The making of the award-winning mobile game Monument Valley, by Neil McFarland.
  • Profile — A photo essay and profile series about the people behind Pinterest.
  • Founder Story — With Twinkind Timo Schaedel replaces selfies with photo-realistic, 3D-printed figurines.
  • Rules of Business — Guiding principles for doing business by Tina Roth Eisenberg.
  • Workspace — 99designs, Zazzle, Facebook Sydney, Cisco
  • Side Project — Dan Rowden runs Magpile, a community for magazine lovers.
  • and much more
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