Pet People Magazine – Issue 3

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Pet People Magazine Issue 3 (Stockholm) is available now! In Issue 03 we meet seven pets and their people in Stockholm, Sweden and visit the oldest pet cemetery in Sweden.

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Pet People Magazine Issue 3 (Stockholm) is available now on In Issue 03 we meet seven pets and their people in Stockholm, Sweden and visit the oldest pet cemetery in Sweden: Bosco + Josephine, Humlan + Lisa, Bosse + Fredrik, Minou + Kerstin, Toby + Isabella, Apollo + Kell, Titus + Sion + Elin, Kaknäs Djurkyrkogård.

Pet People Magazine celebrates the love stories of pets and their people, in one city at a time. We explore what life with pets is really like and how they can make us humans feel and change our behavior through just being themselves. We often say pets depend on us, but isn’t it really the other way around? The magazine is filled with photos and short stories based on interviews with pet people who live in the issue’s city in focus. We meet them in their homes or out and about and document the daily life of living with pets. We discover relationships deeper than you’d think. The team behind Pet People is photographer Hilda Grahnat and art director/graphic designer Linnea Paulsson. We are based in Sweden but aim to explore life with pets in cities around the world in coming issues. All texts are in English. The magazine is self-made, self-published and distributed by the two of us. We believe print isn’t dead and independent publishing is a way for us to do what we love and reach people who like what we like. Such as pets and their people.

Meet in Pet People Magazine – Issue 3:

  • Bosco + Josephine
  • Humlan + Lisa
  • Bosse + Fredrik
  • Minou + Kerstin
  • Toby + Isabella
  • Apollo + Kell
  • Titus + Sion + Elin
  • Kaknäs Djurkyrkogård


Language: English / Size: 170 x 240 mm / Pages: 60 / Color: Full Color / Print: Offset

Published by Pet People Magazine
Manufactured in Sweden
Available in English
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