Philosophy Magazine No. 10

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Philosophy Magazine No. 10 (Winter-Spring 2018) is out now. With today’s cultural and political circumstances, it’s impossible to not have an opinion. We have one and we are keen to share it on the pages of Philosophy. Based out of Budapest, created by a small community of friends, we work on providing opportunities to inspiring artists and fashion professionals, fine artists, and writers, to present an in-depth observation of current happenings in fashion, art, politics and music and to join the creative flow across London, Paris, Budapest and Tokyo.


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Philosophy is a biannual book-zine published in English, – each issue focusing on a fine-tuning specific topic and reflecting on the matrix of cultural capital. This issue includes the works of Andrew D. Wagner, Veronika Molnar, Peter Scott, Alessandro Merlo, felicita, Dominic Osbourne, Balazs Mate, Erno Rubik, Bruno B Feder, Maxwell Conrad Granger, Jake Bisley, Neil Drabble, Orsolya Luca, Dora Limfer, Robert Bereznyei and Andrew Feldmar.

This time we decided to discuss self-establishment. What does it take to govern yourself in a World ruled by systems? After 8 months of interviewing, photographing and investigating the creative industry, here is what we came up with:

  • Self-publish
  • Not to call it a career, but call it your life’s work
  • Break rules, but not just for the sake of it
  • Challenge the meaning of an “art institute”
  • Not to show your work in your own gallery
  • Put every part of yourself out in the World and then defend it
  • Play polish folk music at the Barbican
  • Reorganize chaos
  • Borrow your dad’s Rubik’s Cube
  • Create a humanitarian organisation
  • Sell your own prints
  • Then use all that money to build schools
  • Shoot something that’s not commissioned
  • Take your family on a vacation and make a book out of it
  • Climb your sacred mountain
  • Not to be a good therapist
  • Cure depression with MDMA
  • Not to care what is “normal”


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