Pure Green Magazine – Vol. 2

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Pure Green Magazine Volume 2 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum) and centers around a stylish and inspiring introduction to Urban Farming.

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Pure Green Magazine Volume 2 is featuring The Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in NYC; How to Grow Sprouts; The Organic Kitchen – Salads and Greens; A New Flower Column with Coriander Girl; Keeping Backyard Chickens; Two Stunning Home Tours; Travel France with the Brinsons… to name but a few!


  • Inspired living. No ordinary homestead
  • Inspired living. Project homestead
  • Backyard chickens. How to get started
  • Practically Eco. Tipps for urban farming
  • Fashion. Stylish picks for him & her
  • Flora & Fauna. An edible flower bouqet
  • DIY. Edible Flowers
  • State of Discovery. A beekeeper shares his experiences
  • Eco read. Locavore  & other titles
  • Eco-logical. Skyscraper farms
Published by Pure Green Magazine
Manufactured in Canada
Available in English
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