PYLOT Magazine – Issue 5

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PYLOT Magazine Issue 5 is available now. In The Excess Issue we are proud to have worked with talents including: Jeff Mermelstein, Christine Osinski, JH Engström, Jane Hilton, Cheryl Newman, Shonagh Marshall, Tom Johnson, Constantin Schlachter, Annie Collinge, Maxime Imbert, and more.

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PYLOT Magazine Issue 5 (the Excess Issue) is available now on We have worked in collaboration with:  LN-CC, Damir Doma, Tom Ford Beauty, A.F Vandervorst and NARS to produce some beautiful collaborations for this issue. The cover has been shot by legendary portrait photographer Brian Griffin, and styled by Patricia Villirillo.

Photographers such as Éamonn Freel, Patrick Welde and Roger Charity took us to exciting places with their concept driven fashion stories, adding much loved colour to the pages of this issue. PYLOT Photography Editor Bex Day explored the concept of age and influence in her playful and though provoking story, ‘How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were’ (our longest title to date!)

It is also interesting to see that when commissioned with the theme of influence in mind, our stories have taken on a more elaborate aesthetic when comparing them to the raw stories commissioned in previous issues. We worked with Bobbi Brown on an exclusive beauty feature to highlight the changing attitudes in beauty that large brands can instigate, something Zoe Whitfield looks into in her article about changes in the model industry, where street cast models are front and centre.

Blossoming academic Phoebe Colley returns with an article about Aesthetic Déjà Vu, an intriguing commentary on ownership of art and how influence can be re-appropriated and approached. In order for us to become the influential publication that we aspire to be we need to nurture our instincts but also respect our influences. They make us who we are in every way.

PYLOT magazine is a bi-annual, all-analogue, fashion and photography magazine — pioneering a modern approach in a digitally saturated image economy. The publication works with a carefully selected group of the most exciting creative minds to form a distinct voice through its design and content. The soul of the magazine is devoted to the publication of all analogue fashion, fine art and architectural images. It subscribes to a strict no beauty re-touching policy, celebrating the unique artistry of analogue processes. The objective is to offer readers a critically engaging, rich and multi-faceted content. Through the craft of creating images PYLOT looks to explore the ever-increasing questions that form around the ethical uses of photography in fashion and popular culture.

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