Record Culture – Issue 3

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Record Culture Issue 3 is out now! Featuring Laraaji, Tako, Honey Dijon, Dimitri from Paris, Justin Strauss, Steve Reich’s ‘Drumming’, Jex Opolis, Jonny Nash, Clara 3000, D.K. and Tornado Wallace.

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Record Culture Issue 3 is available now on! Featuring Laraaji, Tako, Honey Dijon, Dimitri from Paris, Justin Strauss, Steve Reich’s ‘Drumming’, Jex Opolis, Jonny Nash, Clara 3000, D.K. and Tornado Wallace.

Record Culture is a bi-annual publication from New York City that focuses on niche music communities around the world and their intersection with the worlds of art, fashion and culture. Led by in-depth interviews, image portfolios and photography that gives a unique view into homes and studio spaces. Contributors are: Paul Barbera • Pierre-Ange Carlotti • Megan Cullen • Pedro Díaz • Emma Le Doyen • Jacob Lewis Ferguson • Sam Fitzgerald • Albrecht Fuchs • Glen Goetze • Ollie Grove • Eri Harada • Kiloran Hiscock • Louis Horne • Jean Jullien • Rasa Juskeviciute • Amarpaul Kalirai • Yumi Kayayan • Fred Lahache • Bastien Lattanzio • Benjamin Leclerc • Alex Lee • David Lekach • Heather Lighton • John Londono • Raphaël Le Manchec • Stefan Marx • Ilya Milstein • Kento Mori • Hayley Morgan • Arthur Naulot • Sam Nichols • Piotr Niepsuj • Nathan Perkel • Benjamin Marius Petit • Maciek Pozoga • Anna Rose • Enda Rowan • Claudio Santoro • Andrea Servert Alonso-Misol • Thora Siemsen • Amber Sterling • Dennis Swiatkowski • Bruce Tantum • Steve Terry • Jamie Tiller • Kingston Trinder • Vivek Vadoliya • Callum Vass • Matt Werth • Drew Wheeler • Elise Wilken

Details: Record Culture – Issue 3

Publisher: Record Creative, LLC / Language: English / Pages: 176 / Size: 6 x 9 inch / Binding: Perfect bound, Soft Cover

Published by Record Culture
Manufactured in USA
Available in English
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