Standart Magazine – Issue 12

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Standart Magazine Issue 12 brings you more in-depth coverage of coffee, design, and the people behind it all. We’re trying to find the answers over coffee, so we invite you to join us and our talented host of writers and artists for a fresh batch of articles and stories.

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Standart Magazine Issue 12 is available now on In this issue, we take you from the genome of coffee right to the very edges of the cosmos, with pit stops at the foundation of democracy, post-conflict Colombia, and the white sands of Hawaiian beaches. The Coffee chapter looks at the future of sustainable coffee breeding, and what sustainability means for the supply chain. Our origin profile takes us to Hawaii, and the good folks at Barista Hustle invite you to test out brewing coffee while stood on one foot (no, seriously, try it!).

Our People chapter in Standart Magazine Issue 12 features an interview with Market Lane Coffee’s Fleur Studd and, fittingly, an article about the successes of exceptional women in the coffee industry. We round it out with a short story about interruptions during shift work and the first-known translation of a Brazilian poem about the intricacies of the coffee supply chain.

Finally, our World chapter takes us from a languid contemplation of the Athenian coffee and food scene to an exploration of the arts of tasseography and font design before delving into Colombia’s return to coffee after a lamentable detour into cocaine.

Details: Standart Magazine – Issue 12

Standart Magazine is a quarterly published print magazine from the Slovak Republic about specialty coffee culture.

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