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Frankie Magazine – Issue 50

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Blood, sweat, tears, cake-nibbling, trips to the country, nostalgic viewings of Twin Peaks ... frankie issue 50 has taken a lot of doing, but finally it's gone out into the world to make friends and influence people.

Boasting a special, crafty, embossed cover (it's nice to stroke, we've checked), the big five-oh is full of ace stuff like: life advice from Beth Ditto, real-life magic tricks, progressive Swedish pronouns, a philosophy of stuff, lots of sarcastic '90s girls, a look at life on the farm, multi-coloured pigeons, famous people who flunked, musings on being 20-something with Tori Amos and a bumper baking special that'll keep you in the kitchen making cakes well into next year.

There's all our regular bits and bobs focusing on art, design, fashion, craft, silliness and real-life stories, plus lots of extra bells and whistles that make this the biggest, heftiest, most full-of-stuff frankie ever.

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