Mundial Magazine

Mundial magazine is a quarterly world football/lifestyle publication. It talks about all the bits of football that you still like. Travel, clothes, haircuts, big, old stadiums and everything else that isn’t a heat-map or pass completion stat. Originally launched as a one-off to celebrate the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Mundial magazine is now a quarterly football lifestyle magazine that loads of you seem to really like. Others don’t. We get it. It’s fine. We like fans, kits, photography, boots, nostalgia, goals, illustrations, pubs, and words. Loads of words. Perhaps too many. We also love putting the magazine together, and we’re incredibly proud that we’ve turned a passion project into a full-time thing. So cheers for the support. And if you haven’t bought it yet then you know what to do..

Mundial Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year

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