Chickpea Magazine – Issue 24

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Chickpea Magazine Issue 24 (Summer 2017) is out now. A limited edition, high quality issue at nearly 100 pages that will last you for years to come. Perfect-bound, luxurious matte finish at 8.25 x 11″. A wonderful ad-free, screen-free reading experience.

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What’s in this issue

the 10 truths of travel • traveling through greece • sauces of the banned world • vegan in indonesia • japanese-inspired simple meals • sharing meals in russia • throwing off the security blanket in iceland • eating our way through costa rica • a dish, a world apart • world peace ramen from kyoto • around the syrian table • and more!

Our faves from this issue

Recipe: syrian yogurt sauce – super creamy and versatile

Notable feature: finding the joy of travel at home, without spending a lot of money or having to spend hours on a plane

Published by Chickpea Magazine
Manufactured in USA
Available in English
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