Club Oenologique – Issue 8

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Club Oenologique Issue 8 is available now on The summer issue sees us take a Tour de France – including the best wine hotels – with a particular focus on regions undergoing change.

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Club Oenologique Issue 8 is available now on The summer issue sees us take a Tour de France – including the best wine hotels – with a particular focus on regions undergoing change.

Twenty years ago, collectors looking for wines to lay down and cellar were in thrall to Bordeaux. Gradually, though, consumer tastes moved away from big, bold, Cabernet-dominant wines and towards lighter, authentic, artisanal wines from small sites – which all led to the Côte d’Or. Nina Caplan tells the story of how Burgundy became the darling of the fine wine world. Champagne, too, is undergoing change, and Alice Lascelles chronicles the region’s bold mood of experimentation, from the championing of forgotten grape varieties to the making of still wines. Meanwhile, back in Bordeaux, we visit an A-list château daring to do things a little differently.

If you’re really seeking revolution, you might think Cuban rum would be the place to go, but as our aged rum tasting shows, this spirit can be as long-lived as any. Add in our stories on how distillers are embracing ever more extravagant cask ageing, and the rise of high-end whisky at auction, and it’s almost as if the spirits world is embracing tradition as the wine world becomes more radical. Revolutionary times indeed…

Club Oenologique is a luxury magazine celebrating wine, spirits, art, architecture, literature, music and more. Club Oenologique is published quarterly and celebrates the sheer tangibility of the analogue and the artisan, for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Club Oenologique is an exclusive community for those who enjoy the rarer pleasures of life. With our flagship magazine and exclusive events, we offer access to fine wines and spirits, art, theatre, literature and architecture. Our aim is simple: to speak to the modern, discerning consumer who appreciates the new, the scarce, the interesting, the artisan, and the beautiful. Club Oenologique is based in London, but as one of The Conversion Group companies we are international in outlook.

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