Frankie Magazine – Issue 58

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Hooley dooley! Issue 58 is on sale, and you really only need one reason to buy it. John Waters – the trash-tastic brain behind Cry-Baby, Pecker and Hairspray – has agreed to be our agony aunt for one time only, and his life advice is, frankly, priceless.

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We also have some philosophical musings on the subjects of eyeliner, ice skating and having ethnic parents; pet portraits from animal-loving artists; and a little look at what it’s like to hear with a bionic ear (quite tinny, apparently). There are things to try at home – like making a pretty pinata – and things you’d never want to try at home, like historical hangover cures. We’ve got modern bands making vintage sounds, a Sydney couple who’ve been together 70 years (and had 17 kids), lots of Lithuanian ladies wearing babushka scarves and some of our best-loved creatives sharing their favourite Little Golden Book memories. Oh, and roughly a metric tonne of sweet reads, snazzy fashions and designs, travel tales, music, art, photography and general top stuff.

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