Let’s Explore Magazine – Issue 0

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Let’s Explore Magazine Issue 0 is available now. The magazine was supported by over 221 people on Kickstarter.com. Let’s Explore Magazine is a printed “when-ready” magazine, exploring stories about inspiring people, projects, travels, brands and ideas.

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Let’s Explore Magazine Issue 0 is available now on loremnotipsum.com. The launch issue of Let’s Explore Magazine (LEM) is a 176 page, photography heavy, gorgeously designed, themed publication with inspiring stories told by 27 storytellers from all over the globe, making it a timeless and collectable magazine. Each issue will explore a theme through – for example – essays, photo essays and interviews. The theme can guide the reader, but we want our readers to explore each issue without too many guidelines and let them find their own way, creating their own narrative. The themes will be made public ahead of time, so that there is enough time to submit your story. Sign up for our newsletter te be sure you are amongst the first to know the theme for the next issue. In the meantime make sure to have a look at our current theme.

Let’s Explore Magazine in Print is a when-ready magazine; exploring people, projects, travels, brands & ideas; inspired by a theme, which changes with every issue. What we love most about print, is that it is able to offer a unique reading experience. In part because of its tactility and physical presence on a bookshelf or coffee table. Therefor the – selected – themed stories will be published in a photography heavy, gorgeously designed and collectable publication. The magazine is printed on a heavy, matt paper stock, which is easy on the eyes for comfortable reading but complimenting the photography at the same time.

Details: Let’s Explore Magazine – Issue 0

176 pages, 25 x 19 cm

Manufactured in The Netherlands
Available in English
Article No. bfexplmag0000
Weight 520 g

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