Life & Thyme – Issue 3

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Life & Thyme Magazine Issue 3 is out now! The third installment of Life & Thyme, The Relationships Issue, focuses on the many connections formed within the hospitality industry.

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While we are busy creating our own fond memories with their finished product, there is an entire community working hand-in-hand to bring us the platform around which to celebrate those moments we cherish so deeply. Whether it be the warmth of a restaurant, the box of fresh berries from the strawberry man at our farmers market, or a city that actively contributes to its food culture by cultivating better options, there is always a collection of characters collaborating along the way to make it possible.

Features: Life & Thyme – Issue 3

The Catbird Seat / Frank Castronovo & Frank Falcinelli / St. John Restaurant / Carousel Restaurant / Airbnb / Samovar Tea / The California Drought / Havana, Cuba / No Goat Left Behind / Portrait Series including farmers & artisans from around the world / And More…


Chris Cosentino / House of Honey / LA Menu Project


Ajji’s Lime Pickle / Classic Croissants / Mackerel & Tomatoes / Black Pudding / Honey Gorgonzola Ice Cream

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