NANG Magazine – Issue 1

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NANG Magazine Issue 1 is out now. Our intention is to shed light on an area of filmmaking that is both mysterious and marginalized, especially in regards to cinema in Asia. Through a series of interviews with writers and writer-directors from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Iran.

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NANG Magazine Issue 1 is available now on While the films may be famous or successful, the writers remain in the background, and yet their work is vital to the process of creating cinema. Through a series of often in-depth interviews with 13 writers and writer-directors from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Iran, we encounter myriad writing experiences, methods for developing stories, and discover the ways in which screenwriters survive and endure within their film industries. Rarely seen pages from the screenplays of, among others, Laskar Pelangi, Tropical Malady, The Handmaiden, Shahrzad and Unlucky Plaza further enrich this unique exploration into writing for the screen.

Ben Slater is a writer, editor and lecturer who’s lived in Singapore for 15 years. He’s the author of Kinda Hot: The Making of Saint Jack in Singapore (Marshall Cavendish: 2006) and editor of 25: Histories and Memories of the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF: 2016). He was script consultant on Ho Tzu Nyen’s HERE (2009), script editor of Joe Lawlor & Christine Molloy’s Helen (2008) and Mister John (2013), and co-screenwriter for James Leong’s Camera (2014). Currently, he’s a Senior Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

NANG magazine is an English-language 10-issue publication which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world with passion and insight. The magazine is published twice a year over a period of five years, NANG’s ambition is to build a wonderfully rich and profound collection of words and images on cinema, for knowledge, inspiration, and enjoyment. Beautifully-printed on fine papers, NANG magazine broadens the horizons of what the moving image is in Asia, engaging its readers with a wide array of stories, contexts, subjects and works connected by the cinema. Each and every issue of NANG is structured around a specific theme and created in collaboration with a unique group of guest editors and contributors based both within and outside Asia. Since its inception, NANG has been indexed in the International Index to Film Periodicals compiled by the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF). As an independent, non-ad-driven publication, NANG solely relies on the support of its readers and sponsors.

Details: NANG Magazine – Issue 1

NANG Magazine is a new independent print magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia.
Made in South Korea and Italy. Printed on Munken papers by Göteborgstryckeriet (Sweden).

Published by NANG Magazine
Manufactured in Italy · South Korea
Available in English
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