Noble Rot – Issue 11

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Noble Rot Issue 11 is available now! The eleventh installment of Noble Rot magazine pays tribute to the diverse range of brilliant wines being grown on volcanic islands today.

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Taking in Sicily, Santorini, Tenerife, Corsica, Sardinia and Pantelleria, destinations which many readers might more readily associate with aromas of sun tan lotions, swimming pools and summer holidays – it’s the evocative mineral and herbal bouquets of the island’s authentic terroir-ridden wines we have been enjoying at Rotter Towers of late. Not only were these wines grown on a volcano, but they actually taste and smell like they were too.


  • Keira Knightley talks acting, obscure French grapes and West Ham United over a ‘volcanic island wine’ lunch at Moro.
  • Celebrated French master chef Pierre Koffmann takes Noble Rot on a gut-busting tour of his favourite London kitchens, including A.Wong, Kricket and The Clove Club.
  • Marina O’Loughlin comes clean on her hatred of dinner parties (‘I’ve had to endure so much dismal cooking, even bad restaurants seem like the promised land’).
  • Andy Hayler divulges the locations of four obscure restaurants with obscenely well-priced wine lists. Fancy a glass of the stellar Champagne Salon 2002 for under £21? Fill your boots.
  • We profile Frank Cornelissen & The Mount Etna fine wine revolution, Arianna Occhipinti, Gabrio Bini, chef Michel Guérard, restaurant Doumo, long lunches, tasting notes and holiday wines./li>
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