Perfect Strangers Magazine – Issue 1

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Perfect Strangers Magazine Issue 1 is out now. Perfect Strangers Magazine Issue 1 comes with 154 pages of beautiful writing and images — explores how the world meets itself through a vibrant array of perspectives.

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Issue 1 is available now on Delve into our first issue to read about Korean dramas in Panama. Or English literature in Tehran. Or how an Argentinian-Thai couple work together to create locally-inspired desserts in Shanghai. Or how about a Turkish entrepreneur’s global vision for streaming movies? Or the varied cultural meanings of the jellyfish? Perfect Strangers  Issue 1 comes with 154 pages of beautiful writing and images — explores how the world meets itself through a vibrant array of perspectives. It also contains special inserts with original images from Doan Ly, Mattias Adolfsson, and Susanna Blåvarg.

Perfect Strangers magazine is a publication dedicated to exploring the cross-cultural. We’re fascinated by one question — how does the world meet itself? From artists and entrepreneurs to grandparents and lovers, we feature people from all walks of life who help to connect the world. Through their perspectives, we look at how cultures and languages, habits and ideas, styles and foods, intertwine and transform. We hope you’ll immerse yourself in our beautifully printed pages, and that you’ll discover something interesting — even inspiring — about our interconnected world. Perfect Strangers magazine is published twice a year in San Francisco. We showcase a broad range of voices, and are always looking for more points of view.


Arash Azizi reads Kazuo Ishiguro in Tehran
Courtney Lichterman explores the Danish heritage of Solvang, California
Elise Morton studies abroad in Thessaloniki
Ellen Freeman compares festivals of the dead in Mexico and Japan
Francesca Baker chats with writer Laila Sumpton in London
Hannah Polinski fuses Chinese and Polish cooking
Juli Berwald dives into the cultural symbolism of jellyfish
Joobin Bekhrad tries out the music streaming platform Mideast Tunes
Karin Chien brings indie films from China to the USA
Lauren Matyear cooks El Pasoan classics in Kharkiv
Lucas LaRochelle maps and archives moments of queer memory
Petar Petrov watches Korean and Turkish dramas in Panama City
Richard Aslan vignettes the rich textures of Berlin
Samantha Shields chats with illustrator Daphne Christoforou in Cyprus
Soraia Martins chats with co-working innovators Mariana Duarte Silva & Lucy Crook in Lisbon
Wailana Kalama traces the multicultural history of the Swedish cabbage roll


Ansel Mullins & Yigal Schleifer of Culinary Backstreets
St. Lenox, singer-songwriter
Rukky Ladoja of GREY Projects
Efe Çakarel of MUBI
Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini
Doan Ly of a.p. bio
Esra’a Al Shafei of Mideast Tunes
Mauro Pompili & Maya Sitti of ChikaLicious
Awjin Ahn, web developer & Catherine Xiang, digital designer


A.C. Parsons
An Rong Xu
Alexander Semenov
Aurélien Foucault
Carlotta Cardana
David Hagerman
Doan Ly
Klara Yoon
Matilde Travassos
Niyi Okeowo
Panagiotis Mina
Polina Karpova
Susanna Blåvarg


Amy Ryan Brew
Benjamin Flouw
Lisk Feng
Lucas LaRochelle
Nils-Petter Ekwall
Nini Tuan

Details: Perfect Strangers Magazine – Issue 1

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