Popshot Magazine – Issue 17 (the Future Issue)

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Popshot Magazine Issue 17 is out now. Our seventeenth issue, featuring a captivating collection of illustrated short stories and poems that cast into the future to imagine how life might be different.

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Popshot Magazine Issue 17 is out now. Inside Popshot Magazine Issue 17, we’ll find a couple living out their desires in a digital world, a woman on the hunt for a code that could save the planet, a robot who starts to experience human emotions, a father who finds himself slowly melting, and a place where no future exists at all.

Cover artwork by long-time Popshot collaborator, Jörn Kaspuhl.

Popshot magazine is an illustrated literary publication that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood. Popshot magazine is published bi-annually, releasing a new issue every April and October. In June 2008, the idea for a poetry & illustration magazine materialised as a result of picking through the literary shelves of the now deceased Borders. There was a feeling that the world of poetry was driving itself into an elitest and fusty no-through road, and we wanted to do something about it. Combining illustration with poetry in a neat and beautifully designed format, in April 2009 the first issue of Popshot magazine launched, thumping its chest and quoting Adrian Mitchell’s ‘Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people’. With black pages, a sans serif typeface, and filled with vibrant illustration work, the magazine didn’t look like a poetry magazine and we were thrilled with it. In the years since, that positioning has developed into a strong reputation for quality writing, with Dazed & Confused calling the magazine “a who isn’t yet who of contemporary literature” and The List claiming that “Popshot looks for the best and finds it.”

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