Purple Fashion Magazine Issue 38

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Purple Fashion Magazine Issue 38 (the Anniversary Issue) is available now on loremnotipsum.com and is dedicated to 30yrs of Purple and features 29 covers.

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Purple Fashion Magazine Issue 38 (the Anniversary Issue) is available now on loremnotipsum.com and is dedicated to 30years of Purple and features 29 covers.

Purple Fashion is the avant-garde reference for fashion, style, and contemporary culture with the usual big names. The Brain issue explores how the brain functions, the power of artificial intelligence, the nature of the artistic brain, and the voice of kids with a radical new state of mind. With contributions by, among others, Leah Kelly, Joshua Decter, Mark Alizart, Beau Friedlander, Bruno Verjus, Inge Grognard, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Brad Phillips, Paul McCarthy and Gus van Sant. With Purple News insert by Juergen Teller.

In 1992, Elein Fleiss and Olivier Zahm started the magazine Purple Prose as a reaction against the superficial glamour of the 1980’s; much as a part of the global counterculture at the time, inspired by magazines like Interview, Ray Gun, Nova, and Helmut Newton’s Illustrated, but with the aesthetics of what usually is referred to as anti-fashion. Based on their personal interests and views; Purple was, and in a sense still is, made much in the same spirit of the fanzine. The magazine quickly became associated with the “realism” of the new fashion photography of the 1990’s, with names like Juergen Teller, Terry Richardson, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Mario Sorrenti. Purple Fashion magazine is high quality, chunky and seriously good, published in France, printed in both English and French.


Purple magazine issue 38 features 29 covers:

  • Collages by Martin Margiela
  • Rick Owens by Wolfgang Tillmans
  • Diesel F/W 2022 by Olivier Zahm
  • Valentino F/W 2022 by Olivier Zahm
  • Comme Des Garçons F/W 2022 by Chikashi Suzuki
  • Givenchy F/W 2022 by Takashi Homma
  • Guinevere in Prada F/W 2022 by Colin Dodgson
  • Chloë Sevigny wearing Rick Owens by Haley Wollens
  • Rita Ackermann
  • Chanel F/W 2022 by Inez & Vinoodh
  • Fendi F/W 2022 by Pierre-Ange Carlotti with Issa Lish
  • Glenn O’brien by Terry Richardson
  • Dash Snow by Terry Richardson
  • Lars Eidinger wearing Balenciaga Winter 2022 by Juergen Teller
  • Emporio Armani F/W 2022 by Katja Rahlwes
  • Balenciaga Winter 2022 by Olivier Zahm
  • Schiaparelli F/W 2022 by Ola Rindal
  • Catherine Deneuve wearing Saint Laurent F/W 2022 by Pierre-Ange Carlotti
  • Gucci Collection by Henrik Purienne
  • Akon Changkou wearing Louis Vuitton F/W 2022 by Casper Sejersen
  • Gabriella, photo by Ethan James Green
  • Arca wearing Loewe F/W 2022 by Daniel Sanwald
  • Azzma F/W 2022 by Olivier Zahm
  • Style by Inge Grognard photo by Kristina Nagel
  • George Rouy wearing Burberry F/W 2022 photo by Robi Rodriguez
  • Marlene Dumas
  • Ariana Papademetropoulos
  • Richard Prince

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