Space Magazine – Issue 3

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Space Magazine Issue 3 is out now. In this third issue of Space Magazine, published by Moon, we are returning home. The founders behind the agency Moon, now welcomes Space Magazine 03, an interior and culture magazine that combines photography and writing with the universal subject of living.

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Space Magazine Issue 3 is available now on In this third issue of Space Magazine, published by Moon, we are returning home. The founders behind the agency Moon, now welcomes Space Magazine 03, an interior and culture magazine that combines photography and writing with the universal subject of living.

The founders behind the agency Moon, now welcomes Space Magazine 03, an interior and culture magazine that combines photography and writing with the universal subject of living. It started with the passing of the legendary Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk, as we were putting the finishing touches to our last issue. Lars, who died too young at 59, changed the way we view ourselve. Our editor-at-large and curator Greger Ulf Nilson, was close friends with Lars, as they had been working together on books and projects since the 1990s. It meant a lot when Greger told us he wanted to revisit the work he did with Lars on the book Home. Which got us thinking.

Discover Space Magazine – Issue 3.

Space magazine is a new interior and culture biannually that combines frank photography and writing with the universal and sometimes extravagant subject of living. Space magazine creates a new mark for mixing unique interiors and design with great stories. It includes interviews, reportages and portfolios.

Moving in with Adwoa

After living in the same house in London with her parents for 23 years, British model Adwoa Aboah invites us into her new LA apartment.
Photography Tyrone LeBon, Text Cath Clarke

Aim for the moon

Meet Kasper Sixten and Frederik Erfurt, the Copenhagen dream team whose furniture company, SixtenErfurt, is wowing the industry.
Photography Philip Messmann, Text Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Pillow talk

Rising star artist Ophelia Finke gives us an audience from her bed in a minimalist Berlin apartment. Photography Marlen Mueller, Text Louise Rytter

Lost in translation

Norwegian Artist Gardar Eide Einarsson talks art and authority, and tells Space Magazine why he finally feels at home in Japan.
Photography Takashi Homma, Conversation Angus Cook

Home, sweet home

Writer Lars Forsberg pens a personal essay on the admired Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk, who died in April. Photography Lars Tunbjörk, Essay Lars Forsberg

At home with Hicks

Fashion’s architect Sophie Hicks invites Space Magazine into her office on the roof of her home in London’s Notting Hill. Photography Brett Lloyd, Conversation Skye Sherwin

Then and now

Renowned collector Paul Jackson presents his favourite pieces from the Finish glass factory Iittala. Photography Andreas Bohman and Frederik Sjöstrand

The meaning of design

CEO and chief designer, Timothy Jacob Jensen, reveals his mission to change how we think about design. Photography Jonas Unger, Conversation Martin Gjesing


American fashion photographer Rachel Chandler documents her roadtrip to the west coast of Ireland. Photography Rachel Chandler

Architecture, democratic

A conversation with the Norwegian architect Kjetil Thorsen, talking art, politics, inspiration and the social responsibilities of architecture. Photography Ina Niehoff, Conversation Greger Ulf Nilson


Swedish photographer Anders Edström shares a photographic diary of his time in the Wachi and Ayabe neighbourhoods of Kyoto. Photography Anders Edström

Bob’s your uncle

Hollywood producer Bob Shaye holds court in his Hamptons beach shack, talking work, family, and collecting Picassos. Photography Marc Hom, Conversation Marc Hom

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