Wonderland Magazine – Summer 2019

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Wonderland Magazine Summer 2019 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). The Summer Issue of Wonderland Magazine is featuring Austin Mahone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jacob Elordi, J Hus and the Jonas Brothers.

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Wonderland Magazine Summer 2019 has arrived on loremnotipsum.com. The Summer Issue of Wonderland Magazine is featuring Austin Mahone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jacob Elordi, J Hus and the Jonas Brothers.

Wonderland Magazine is an international, independently published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture: fashion, film, music and art. We entertain, challenge and inform both men and women with editorial and fashion shot by the most in-demand photographers working today – we want to represent the positive and the playful elements of the fashion industry. We’re about inspiring, rather than dictating to our readers.

Content: Wonderland Magazine – Summer 2019

Austin Mahone

Paving the way as one of the first YouTubers to turn a teenage hobby into a fully fledged career, Austin Mahone has been charming the music industry both online and off since 2010. This year he’s due to finally release his debut album, so we catch up with the cherubic singer who made his return this spring, with his first solo tracks since 2016. Having first burst into the collective public consciousness in 2014 with his debut EP aged just 18, he’s since grown into his voice, learning to command it with exactly the right amount of swagger you should have when you’re 23 and clocking in 2.9 million monthly Spotify listeners, without having released an album.

Vanessa Hudgens

VANESSA HUDGENS covers the latest issue of Wonderland. “I love being submerged into worlds that I, Vanessa, don’t live in. With this job I get to time travel, and go to different places and live different lives, and that’s what excites me: to sink my teeth into the humanity of us all, and try to connect with everything that we go through. Life is hard, so the more I can connect, the better a person it makes me.” Vanessa Hudgens is one of the most hard-working actors in the game, though the moniker hardly does her output justice. Hudgens is self-proclaimed “performer”, the term usefully embodying her eclectic career path, the term covering her successful forays into the worlds of film, music, theatre, dance and fashion. Now, having just released her own workout-wear line, Hudgens is once again poised for success, first with Netflix’s The Knight Before Christmas, and then with Bad Boys for Life, alongside Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and more. We can’t wait!

Jacob Elordi

Riding high with Jacob Elordi… This June, HBO’s Euphoria will propel an already impressive cast into superstardom. The show — produced by Drake — follows a group of teenagers (played by Zendaya, Algee Smith, Storm Reid and more) who’re navigating the minefield of experiencing first-time independence, while trying to define who they are. Given a contemporary update over your classic high school tropes, Euphoria’s inclusive storyline follows authentic facets of life like addiction, affairs and LGBTQ+ relationships as well as slut shaming and body shaming. Our cover star Jacob Elordi plays Nate, perhaps one of your more typical high school characters, a “jock” type and a straight up bully, but Elordi assures us things are more complex than they may seem. We won’t know until it airs on 16 June, but pre-order the Summer issue of Wonderland in the meantime where we get existential and lost in a DMC with The Kissing Booth star.

Jonas Brothers

This is an SOS! 10 years after the release of their last album, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are back! Following their split in 2013, the brothers went off to do their own thing — continuing music, starting families, getting married (FYI, just in case you hadn’t been online in the last six years…) — before a decision to make a documentary about their lives finally got them talking about the difficult reasons behind their initial split. Falling in love with making music together again after a spontaneous late night jam of their deliciously saccharine 2008 hit “Lovebug”, the brothers got back in the studio and are now set to release their fifth album, Happiness Begins, in June. Already owning the comeback with the record’s official lead single “Sucker” topping charts worldwide, we met up with them for our Summer 2019 issue to talk about their journey so far, the challenges they’ve face and how the Jonas Brothers are bigger and better than ever.

J Hus

“I made some mistakes that I gotta redeem.”

The self proclaimed “Farda”, J Hus is back from his time away that felt far too long. It wouldn’t be a proper summer without him. The boy-wonder talks to Ciaran Thapar about how he’s grown up and the lessons he’s learnt, ready to return as not just a musician, but the role model he now realises he is to so many in Britain. After a surprise appearance on stage at Drake’s O2, all of London has been waiting for Hus’ next move. Following his “Daily Duppy” and feature on grime king Skepta’s new album, he’ll appear at Lovebox later this summer for what will surely be his triumphant solo live return. Catch up with Hus in the Summer Issue.


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