Works That Work – No. 9

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Works That Work Magazine No. 9 is available now! Play is much more than just fun and games.

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Designing Strategy
Play design in team sports allows athletes—amateur and pro alike—to transcend the physical, and use their brains to overpower brawn.

When Football Transcends Factions
At its best, sport brings people together in friendly, respectful competition. Sometimes it can help to make enemies into friends.

Gaming the Game
Creativity in sports extends beyond innovative training techniques and game strategies into clever ways to cheat and beat the system.

Zero-Gravity Games: How Astronauts Play in Space
Recreation is a vital component of any space mission, and the creativity required to adapt games to this environment is part of the fun

Propagandopoly: Monopoly as an Ideological Tool
Monopoly has often been viewed as a vehicle for capitalist indoctrination, but its history and development and impact are much more complex

Doing the Panenka
An interview with Antonín Panenka, perfecter of the creative penalty kick strategy that bears his name.

Beyond the Baseline
While all eyes are on players’ speed, strength and strategy, nearly invisible changes to their rackets help them achieve a competitive edge.

The Wild World of Sports Trophies
Some coveted sports trophies are bold, majestic and dignified. Some are not.

May the Worst Politician Win
Dirty politics in the Philippines inspired a satirical card game that hopes to educate Filipinos about the tricks their politicians play.

Kit that Fits: Developing Women’s Sportswear
Even at top levels, women’s sports uniforms lag far behind men’s. What will it take for women to win equality on the field and in the cabin?

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