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Gather Journal No. 10 – The Seven Deadly Sins Issue

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Gather Journal No. 10 (The Seven Deadly Sins Issue). For the Winter 2017 issue of Gather Journal, we took a romp through the Seven Deadly Sins. You’ll find menus rooted in Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, and Envy; and concept chapters exposing a more tender side of Sloth and imagining the fanciful food aligned with Pride. There are essays exploring what is the greatest food sin of our time and the symbiotic relationship between lust and gluttony, plus musings on everything from supersize culture to ordering envy to Liz Lemon.


In the Middle Ages, possession by Asmodeus, the demon of lust introduced in the Book of Tobit, could be blamed for your wander- ing eye (or body). On Seinfeld, it was JFK Jr. who would be Elaine’s Asmodeus; so enraptured was she by the potential of a sexual encounter with the handsome rake that she lost the contest to be “master of her domain” (a euphemism about abstaining from masturbation coined by Larry David to appease prime time cen- sors). While for some, love and lust perch like a ctional angel and devil on opposite shoulders, they actually alter our brainwaves in much the same way, eliciting a similar (and addictive) high. Our lust menu—sticky, honey-coated monkey bread; a vegetable orgy with cheese fondue; a trussed-up lamb with pomegranates; and an aphrodisiac-infused blancmange—leaves nothing to be desired.


Toads and vermin. In Dante’s inferno, those are what gluttons would be force-fed—a grim ending for a sin defined by excess. Under “G” for Gluttony in her Alphabet for Gourmets, M.F.K. Fisher fesses up to the pleasure that comes with stuffing oneself to the bursting point. “I pity anyone who has not permitted himself this sensual experience, if only to determine what his own private limitations are, and where gourmandism ends and gluttony begins,” she writes. In American culture (a land of Dorito- encrusted tacos and Louis C.K. bang-bangs) that line can be a blurry one. It’s a line that we traverse in our own gluttonous menu: an abundant fritto misto, poblanos engorged with cheesy potatoes, the over-the-top wonder that is a swineapple, and a bundt cake that’s sauced in every sense.

…and more.

Available Early December 2016

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