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Jocks & Nerds – Issue 13

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Jocks & Nerds covers a range of topics, in particular cinema, music, sport, photography and books, as well as thought-provoking commentary features. The common thread is fashion, or more specifically ‘style’, and how it both influences and is influenced by these subjects.

Jocks&Nerds represents an archetype of a modern man. This man is industrious, creative, passionate, independent, sensitive, thoughtful, heroic and a guardian of virtuous behaviour. This man, the Jocks&Nerds reader, is portrayed repeatedly within the magazine itself.


  • Photographer Janette Beckman travelled to Omaha to create a photo essay on the American rodeo.
    Musician/artist/filmmaker Alex Turnbull spoke to us about his varied career ahead of the release of his latest documentary.
  • Leo Leigh, son of director, Mike Leigh, has made a fascinating documentary on Marty Reisman, a table tennis hustler and dandy.
  • To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, we interviewed some of the instrument’s best proponents.
  • Gordon Parks is perhaps most famous for his film Shaft. Before that he was a respected documentary photographer. Ahead of a retrospective exhibition of his career, Jocks&Nerds looked back at his work and interviewed some of the most important people in his life.
  • Bob Stanley, from the band Saint Etienne, has made a documentary film created solely from archive footage from the British Institute of Film.
  • Associate Editor Chris Sullivan caught up with legendary director Martin Scorsese for an exclusive interview.
  • Brian Wilson, founder of the Beach Boys, spoke to the magazine ahead of his latest album and the release of the biopic Love & Mercy.
  • It’s 50 years since the death of Sam Cooke. Chris Sullivan created a heartfelt ode for the man who helped invent soul music and created the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement, ‘A Change is Gonna to Come’

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