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Salt & Wonder Magazine

Salt & Water Magazine – LOREM (not Ipsum)

Salt & Wonder magazine is portraying the roots and new movements of the culinary startup culture, one city at a time. Our first annual print issue is dedicated to Lisbon. Three chapters split into eight basic ingredients of the Portuguese cuisine unveil impassioned entrepreneurs and their innovative visions, with roots in the age-old belief about the importance of simplicity. We are going beyond the surface of the start-up movement in cities of change, tracking roots to understand new directions. Salt & Wonder magazine was backed on and founded by Anna Sarcletti, a creative from Austria’s countryside. It all started as an artistic, student project beginning of the 2016. Living in magical Lisbon spawned the idea to give it an own voice. In launching a print magazine, Anna saw an opportunity to showcase her design beliefs in an authentic, remaining piece. Together with creatives from USA, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Brazil and South Africa, the mission became to show a unique perspective of The New Old Lisbon. The editorial voice behind Salt & Water is Thomas Austin Rose from Vermont.

Salt & Wonder Magazine


  • Country: Austria
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 1 issue/year
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