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Salt & Wonder Magazine Issue 1 is out now. And we are very happy to have supported this amazing new publication from Vienna (Austria) on Kickstarter. Salt & Wonder is exploring the culinary startup culture of Lisbon in a passioned print magazine.

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Salt & Wonder Magazine Issue 1 is available now on Salt & Wonder is portraying new movements of the culinary startup culture, one city at a time. Our first annual print issue is dedicated to Lisbon. Three chapters split into eight basic ingredients of the Portuguese cuisine unveil impassioned entrepreneurs and their innovative visions, grounded in the age-old belief about the importance of simplicity. Salt & Wonder Magazine is going beyond the surface of the start-up movement in cities of change, tracking its roots to understand new directions.

Content: Salt & Wonder – Issue 1

Chapter 01
Salt & Wonder Manifesto
Cooperation with – Lisbon is not something else.
Ingredient – Illustrations from @maddy_ritchie

Chapter 02
Coffee: Copenhagen Coffee LAB – Nordic Coffee Culture
Sardines: Miss Can – A new Take on an old Tale
Wine: Wine with a View – Lisbon in my Head
Beer: Duque Brewpub – Brewing a New Social Culture
Fruits: FRUA – Smoothies for the City Dweller
Fish: Peixaria Centenária – An alternative Way
Olive Oil: A Sociedade – Lisbon’s first Gastronomic Studio
Honey: suvelle – The Code of Beauty

Chapter 03
The Cape of Hope – Jenna van Schoor
Kaffeehaus Lisboa – Escape the 9/ 5
Lisboa.Come – Burger & Icecream


1.000 copies / 20 x 26.5 cm / Munken Pure / 128 pages / 4/4 color / Language: English / Topics: Food, Culture, Startups, Travel

Published by Salt & Wonder Magazine
Manufactured in Austria
Available in English
Reading situation Coffee Shop · Home
Article No. bfsaltwonder0001
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