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Salt & Wonder Magazine Issue 3 is available now. Salt & Wonder Magazine Issue 3 is going to North Italy and features Italy and food, its romance at its finest. You will find interviews, new perspectives, a city guide, photo essays, recipes to stories, and lots of aspiring illustrations.

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Salt & Wonder Magazine Issue 3 is available now on Salt & Wonder Magazine Issue 3 is going to North Italy and features Italy and food, its romance at its finest. You will find interviews, new perspectives, a city guide, photo essays, recipes to stories, and lots of aspiring illustrations.

The country’s culinary fantasy is so well-known, it almost writes itself. Perhaps it’s the gold standard. But there’s more to discover beyond the standard—a strong status quo has a way of hiding the new and exciting. And nothing is solid and unchanged forever. Even the Italian kitchen must have something bubbling under its surface.

Italian food pioneers enchanted us with passion, fed us hope and humility, and said, “Be here now, forget schedules, let life dictate pace.” They showed us their grounded carpe diem spirit—how to live in the moment, slow, steady. In return we pushed our appointments, extended rentals, and rested our heads on hardwood floor, fully present.

Italy has found a way forward by reaching into history and pulling out techniques that are tried and true. It’s a path rooted in community and hospitality, closely tied to the land, giving back as much as it takes. A path blazed with Italian bravery. Bravery that speaks plainly, saying “We shall not be tamed by modern problems.”

You’ll explore hidden castles, gardens, and rooftop terraces. You’ll find Italy’s new wave of slow-baking, its modern artisans, its Etruscan history, and the future of food systems. You’ll meet a mad scientist who ferments everything and a woman who bakes family tradition into her bread. You’ll feel the soil with Italy’s first organic rice farmer and raise a glass to fresh drinking styles at rebel-friendly bars. Finally, you’ll discover the magic of Torino, where off-the-map authenticity will make you fall in love.

Salt & Wonder magazine is portraying the roots and new movements of the culinary startup culture, one city at a time. Our first annual print issue is dedicated to Lisbon. Three chapters split into eight basic ingredients of the Portuguese cuisine unveil impassioned entrepreneurs and their innovative visions, with roots in the age-old belief about the importance of simplicity. We are going beyond the surface of the start-up movement in cities of change, tracking roots to understand new directions. Salt & Wonder magazine was backed on and founded by Anna Sarcletti, a creative from Austria’s countryside. It all started as an artistic, student project beginning of the 2016. Living in magical Lisbon spawned the idea to give it an own voice. In launching a print magazine, Anna saw an opportunity to showcase her design beliefs in an authentic, remaining piece. Together with creatives from USA, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Brazil and South Africa, the mission became to show a unique perspective of The New Old Lisbon. The editorial voice behind Salt & Water is Thomas Austin Rose from Vermont.


Two traveling brothers who promote local ingredients with Italian-Asian fusion at their restaurant atop an ancient seaside castle.

Local Torinese, Lucia Iannone, on baking bread with tradition

Italy’s first organic rice farmer, the renegade Ariane Lotti of Tenuta San Carlo

Renaissance bartenders of Milano and Torino who are introducing Italy to international cocktail styles

The streets, plazas, and people of Torino, in a city guide that will lead you off the beaten path and into the heart of an up-and-coming city

You will find interviews, new perspectives, a city guide, photo essays, recipes to stories, and lots of aspiring illustrations.

Details: Salt & Wonder – Issue 3

19 x 24 cm / Munken Pure / Perfect bound / 108 pages / 4/4 color / No ads / Language: English

Published by Salt & Wonder Magazine
Manufactured in Austria
Available in English
Reading situation Coffee Shop · Home
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