The Preserve Journal

The Preserve Journal is a curious, seasonal and independent magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more responsible, transparent and sustainable food culture. Through it, we advocate an alternative way of life: one filled with curiosity, honesty, and a lot of love, one that is a powerful form of activism in itself. The Preserve Journal is published four times a year in accordance with the changing of the seasons, through which we wish to take a closer, deeper and more honest look at our food industry, our actions, and their impacts. For The Preserve Journal, we have joined forces with experts from different backgrounds who all contribute to this magazine with their unique knowledge. We have teamed up with acclaimed chefs, bio-dynamic farmers, biologists, poets, urban gardeners, writers, responsible restaurants, public health experts, anthropologists, artists, travelers, wildlife experts, initiators, and environmental activists. The magazine’s goal is to inspire, to engage, and to create an inclusive dialog across different and various fields, while continuously asking how we as a community can create, nourish, and maintain a sustainable food culture. We hope to contribute to the global conversation on this subject. After all, today’s most pressing problems require solutions based on inter-cultural cooperation.

The Preserve Journal


  • Country: Denmark
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year

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