The Preserve Journal – Issue 2

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The Preserve Journal Issue 2 is now available at The Preserve Journal features 124 responsibly printed pages of independent and self-published curiosity exploring a sustainable food culture. We truly feel that The Preserve Journal is the result of many shared visions and efforts.

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The Preserve Journal Issue 2 is now available at The Preserve Journal features 124 responsibly printed pages of independent and self-published curiosity exploring a sustainable food culture.

In March 2019 we published the very first issue of The Preserve Journal with warm hearts and butterflies in our stomachs. We felt certain that we were on the right track and we loved the magazine and its content from the very first moment. But we had no idea how the world around us would perceive the magazine, its content and our visions or if our readers would love it too. However from day one we were blown away by the loving, kind, positive and supportive replies and feedback which we received from all of you! It seems that there is indeed a growing curiosity and audience for knowledge within the exciting and diverse field of food and sustainability. Due to the very positive feedback we powered ahead and have spent the last six months working on this second issue of The Preserve Journal, which we are so proud to finally announce to you today!

In the process of creating the first and this second issue we have been constantly and continuously met by generosity and support from all sides. We truly feel that The Preserve Journal is the result of many shared visions and efforts; it simply could not exist without all the amazing and inspiring contributors whom we are fortunate to work with, and who’s inspiring and encouraging work make up the core of this magazine. Or without you, our dear readers, and your support of and interest in The Preserve Journal.

The Preserve Journal is a curious, seasonal and independent magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more responsible, transparent and sustainable food culture. Through it, we advocate an alternative way of life: one filled with curiosity, honesty, and a lot of love, one that is a powerful form of activism in itself. The Preserve Journal is published four times a year in accordance with the changing of the seasons, through which we wish to take a closer, deeper and more honest look at our food industry, our actions, and their impacts. For The Preserve Journal, we have joined forces with experts from different backgrounds who all contribute to this magazine with their unique knowledge. We have teamed up with acclaimed chefs, bio-dynamic farmers, biologists, poets, urban gardeners, writers, responsible restaurants, public health experts, anthropologists, artists, travelers, wildlife experts, initiators, and environmental activists. The magazine’s goal is to inspire, to engage, and to create an inclusive dialog across different and various fields, while continuously asking how we as a community can create, nourish, and maintain a sustainable food culture. We hope to contribute to the global conversation on this subject. After all, today’s most pressing problems require solutions based on inter-cultural cooperation.


A Poem For Spring by Bindu Dev

Foraging in Christchurch’s Red Zone by Sam Wilton

Activist home-kitchen gestures by Emmy Laura Perez

What’s soil got to do with it? by Nena Foster

The Microbiologist vol II “Bacterial Metabolism” by Ane Brødsgaard

Beyond Fermentation vol. II; Wheat, soil, and health by Kathe Kaczmarzyk

Zero3: Attaining zero carbon, zero waste and zero food miles by Jason Morenikeji

Starting a Market Garden: A Young Agrarians Experience by Emily Harris of The Plot Market Garden

Incorporating elements of Self-sufficiency as a means of breaking patterns of consumption in society vol. II; Interview with David Zilber of Noma Fermentation Lab by Will Dorman

Spring out, spring up, and into the forest! A foraging guide to spring by Klara Rask

Of Food oasis and deserts by Debbi Wolfarth

The Responsible Restaurant feat Bo.Lan by Sebastian Reichmann

Harnessing the potential: Microbiome and its impact on health by Nikoline Nygaard

A Chef & The Seasons vol II; Interview with Mikkel Karstad by Michelle Skelsgaard Sørensen

Austr-aliens by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun of Prometheus_lab

The joy of food and words by Barbara Sweeney of Food & Words Australia

Paradise lost and Boon, Found by Palisa Anderson

A Poem For Summer by Bindu Dev

Details: The Preserve Journal – Issue 2

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