Another Escape – Volume 2

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Another Escape Volume 2 is out now. We are very excited to bring you Another Escape Volume 2, and with it a whole bunch more inspirational stories, ideas, articles and features. This volume carries more pages than the first, and with it we have looked to delve deeper into the ideas and people that we feature.

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Another Escape Volume 2 is available now on The stories from the people involved in this volume simply astounded us. We went in search of inspiring individuals, and came back with our ideas challenged and perspectives broadened. Paraphrasing Nick Hand, cyclist and storyteller (pg. 14), ‘people are quite often extraordinary without even realising it’, which is definitely true of those that we met in the making of this volume.We all have stimuli, and inspirations can be so varied; so subjective, and so personal. It is the people that we met – those that drive the stories and bring the features to life – that truly inspire us. From fumbling around limestone caves 200 feet underground in search of ochre pigment with a seventh generation miner (pg. 74), to clambering up rock-faces with boulder-climbers (pg. 82), to grazing on the urban landscape with an urban forager (pg. 22), to tending to bees on London’s high-rise tower blocks with an enthralled beekeeper (pg. 28) – these people are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, and it is often their fervid spirits that most excite us.

Another Escape is an independently published bi-annually magazine. We are inspired by individuals being creatively ambitious and inquisitively investigating what inspires and excites them. We all get those moments in life when we experience, if only for a second, something that utterly inspires us; we want to be a musician, a dancer, a bee keeper, a circus performer. It may be the overwhelming desire to collect new experiences, travel, or learn a new skill or language. We can take away from these energetic individuals fuel for our own motivation, and Another Escape looks to tap and bottle this invigorating subject matter, and subsequently encourage others to actively explore their own aspirations. We are big fans of the printed word (and image), and wanted to create a well designed tactile object that could slot onto your bookcase, sit on the coffee table or be slung into a rucksack.


Murray Ballard, Nick Hand, Jody Daunton, Emli Bendixen, Cindy Ruch, Bryan Schutmaat, Greg Funnell


Louise Byng, David McMillan, Adam Batchelor, Louise Wyatt


Louise Byng, Alec Dudson, Rachel Maria Taylor, Jody Daunton, Lyndon Ashmore, Cindy Ruch, Ivana McConnell

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