Beneficial Shock! – Issue 5

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Beneficial Shock! Issue 5 (Secrets & Lies) is out now. It’s this shady area of moral ambiguity that we explore in issue 5 of your favourite illustrated movie magazine, as we shine a light into those dark corners where unscrupulous deals are done, dangerous truths are hidden and illusions are created to pacify the masses.

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Beneficial Shock! Issue 5 (Secrets & Lies) is available now on Just as with the proliferation of conspiracy theories during times of massive global events such as these, secrets and lies fester in the dark, hidden parts of the human mind – and have the potential to change not just the course of an individual’s life, but that of the world as a whole.

Discover Beneficial Shock! Issue 5 (Secrets & Lies).

Beneficial Shock! are unconventional cinematic adventures. Championing progressive thinking by Illustrators, Graphic Designers and image makers. Based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Details: Beneficial Shock! – Issue 5

64 pages, printed on Munken Lynx, typeset in Farnham, Work Sans and Fugue

Manufactured in United Kingdom
Available in English
Reading situation Beach · Coffee Shop · Home · Travelling
Article No. bfbeneficial0005
Weight 480 g
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 2 cm

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