Kennedy Magazine – Issue 11

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Kennedy Magazine Issue 11 is available now on and dedicated to Japan. For Kennedy Magazine Issue 11, we have selected a wide range of Japanese creators ranging from chefs to electronic music composers…

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Kennedy Magazine Issue 11 is available now on! Kennedy Magazine Issue 11 is completely dedicated to Japan.

For Kennedy Magazine Issue 11, we have selected a wide range of Japanese creators ranging from chefs to electronic music composers… A story on the traditional Jazz Kissas of Tokyo, a cultural heritage of contemporary Japanese culture. A story of renowed architect Makoto Tanjiri and his successful chef wife Naoko Tanjiri. Environmental electronic music pioneer Yoshio Ojima. A story on one of Tokyos oldest galleries Ayumi Gallery. A story about Tokyo top restaurant Cignale Enoteca and the markets of Tokyo supplying the celebrated restaurant with the best ingredients. An interview with Terry Ellis, the buyer and designer of Beams sub brand Fennica with a big impact on modern Japanese menswear and furniture design. A guide to our favorite area Jimbocho. A story about Chee Shimizu one of Tokyos top record collectors and author of Obscure Sound, and resident dj of Shelter club. As well as many other stories of Tokyo area and rural Japan…

Discover Kennedy Magazine – Issue 11.

Kennedy is a biannual journal which explores the curiosities of select individuals in various fields of the Arts. Our approach harbours the intent of striking up dialogues which encompass these individuals’ specific fields of expertise alongside broader inspirations, ideas and concerns. Aimed at – but not limited to – a male reading audience, Kennedy also includes a Style section focussing on subtlety, craftsmanship and style of substance over fleeting fashions. Subject matter will include photography, music and literature. Kennedy Magazine is published every 6 months, in an agile format of 16 x 21cm, perfectly bound. Each issue runs at approximately 160 pages, and goes on sale every July and December, titled Summer and Winter editions, distancing itsself from other biannual publications purposefully.

Details: Kennedy Magazine – Issue 11

196 pages, Paperback

Published by Kennedy Magazine
Manufactured in Greece
Available in English
Reading situation Beach · Coffee Shop · Home · Travelling
Article No. bfkennedy0011
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Dimensions 27 × 22 × 3 cm

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