Makeshift Magazine Issue 10 – The Powering up Issue

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Makeshift Magazine Issue 10 is out now. Powering Up will feature fuel smugglers, powerline pirates and amulet worshippers, all looking for some kind of energy to help propel them forward.

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Makeshift Magazine Issue 10 is out now. From hacked e-bikes in Shanghai to artisanal oilmen in rural Indonesia, the creative means of making, moving and using energy in this issue will inspire readers to push their own work forward. Find a lot of interesting stories in Makeshift Magazine Issue 10.


One Liter Farming — One farmer’s free invention could produce India’s calories using a tiny fraction of the water

Observed: West Bengal, India — Men load large cows onto a truck at the weekly cattle market in Birohi, a town close to the India-Bangladesh border

Black Gold Market — The miners of Wonocolo drill for oil across 4,000 small plots of land

DIY Fusion — Building a mini nuclear reactor in your home requires only spare parts and basic physics

Observed: Benin — Sodabi is a popular alcoholic beverage in Benin, made from palm sap

Pocket Protectors — If you need good luck, a nine-tailed lizard at Bangkok’s amulet market is said to whip cash into your pocket

…and many more

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