Offscreen Magazine – Issue 15

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Offscreen Magazine Issue 15 is out now. In Offscreen Issue 15 we asked professional futurist Amy Webb about how to think meaningfully about the future.

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Web Standards grandmaster Eric A. Meyer lays out an approach for building a more compassionate web experience; British entrepreneur Pip Jamieson shares the challenges of launching a ‘LinkedIn for Creatives’ – twice; and freelance coach Paul Jarvis makes a case for designing work around life, not vice versa.


  • Amy Webb. Founder of the Future Today Institute — on the role of futurism during the Cold War, her algorithm for finding love, and why businesses can’t afford not to think about the future in meaningful ways.
  • Eric A. Meyer: Web Consultant, Author — on his tenacious advocacy work for a more accessible web, how to design with compassion, and coping with the tragic loss of his daughter.
  • Pip Jamieson. Founder of The Dots — on houseboat-living on the canals of London, starting up twice, and her impassioned efforts for more diversity in the creative industries.
  • Paul Jarvis. Freelancer, Author, Consultant — on how ‘good anger’ is great for productivity, sales pitches powered by pet rats, and his approach to shaping work around life..


  • Thoughts — Food for thought by Natasha Lampard and Aimee Chou
  • A Day In The Life Of — Spend a day with Ahmed Magdi and Sarah Hui.
  • May I Ask — Katherine Isbister answers our questions on the emotional and social impact of video games.
  • A Newsletter Manifesto — Making business newsletters better out of respect for the reader, by Michael Rill.
  • Code That Transforms — With Laboratoria, Mariana Costa Checa changes entire communities in South America by teaching underpriviledged women basic coding skills.
  • Pushing the Envelope — Cardboard boxes and other packaging materials are a lucrative business opportunity for Lumi, by Stephan Ango.
  • Gear Guide — Accessories for the modern web worker, by Ed Macovaz.
  • Rules of Business — Guiding principles for doing business, by Claire Lew.
  • and more…
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